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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a total body exercise, developed almost one hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates, to rehabilitate injured WW1 soldiers and later, for strength and conditioning of dancers. The traditional method is low-impact, focusing on flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. The exercises are performed with an emphasis on precision technique, balanced postural alignment, core strength, controlled, flowing movements, and using breath to centre the mind. Pilates compliments all other fitness endeavours and, adding it into your routine will help you do everything better. Aside from the physical benefits it can reduce stress, improve mental health and enhance your sense of well-being. No matter what your age or fitness level, here at Range Pilates Studio our focus is on your health goals and provide professional help to achieve those goals.

I am a beginner to Reformer Pilates, which class is best suited for my fitness level?

It does not matter if you are a beginner or have extensive experience in Pilates, we ask all new clients to attend an introduction class to cover the Range Pilates Studio method. The introduction class will focus on relevant medical history, your personal health journey, see how your body is currently functioning and provide education on correct core muscle activation and how to use the reformer machines safely to get the most out of your Pilates class. Range Pilates Studio offer an introductory offer which includes the introduction class plus two group reformer classes for $50, terms and conditions apply.

I have an injury, can I still attend a group reformer class?

If you have a chronic injury or health condition, you will need to book an 'Initial Consultation' to discuss your symptoms and treatment plan. These sessions are classed as a 1:1 Sessions and could be claimable under Medicare, DVA and Private Health Insurance’s. Your initial consultation will involve a comprehensive health and fitness assessment to determine the best exercise program to suit your current medical status, musculoskeletal condition and fitness level. From this information, we will develop a treatment plan to achieve your desired health goals through an effective exercise program, which could consist of a combination of individual exercise sessions, group class and home-based exercises.

How are group, Studio and private sessions different?

Our 'group session' is not tailored to an individual need. We do aim for variation from class to class and offer general modifications to suit different abilities were possible. These sessions are ideal for someone wanting to start, grow or enhance their health adventure without a specific injury. * Maximum of 3 people per group session Our 'Studio Session' is a personalised exercise program tailored specifically to a client, working with them on a specific injury or goal. Before commencing a studio session, a client is required to attend an Initial Consultation for a detailed subjective examination and to teach you the key elements of Pilates and the Reformer. * Maximum of 3 people per studio session Our 'Private' (1:1) session is ideal for those needing a more tailored exercise programming and attention.

How do I book into Range Pilates Studio?

Congratulations on making the first step towards your health and wellness adventure with Range Pilates Studio. Please use the online booking system to book into a class HERE, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Studio on 0439937639 or email

What do I bring & wear?

Wear comfortable exercise clothing and enclosed shoes, if you are participating in the reformer class you will be required to wear clean grip socks to assist with stability on the reformer machine, we have a range of socks available for purchase at the studio.

Can I bring my baby or children to the class?

We understand the challenges of trying to incorporate exercise around children and we will try our best to offer a child-friendly environment to support your health and wellness journey. Our studio offers a space for children to play at the 9am session on a Monday and Friday session. However, if this session is not suitable please contact the studio to discuss alternate options.

What to do if I have to cancel my class or appointment?

We understand the unexpected can happen, therefore at Range Pilates Studio we offer a 24-hour cancellation notice, to ensure the quality of our service. If you give less than 24 hours or do not show up to your scheduled class, you will forfeit your class payment. Please note all classes are payable in advance.


Please arrive five minutes prior to class to allow you time to relax and prepare for the class. We want you to get the most out of your session and lateness is an unnecessary stress we do not want you to experience.


At Range Pilates we are all about the experience and we would love you to stay at little longer, enjoy a brewed hot/cold tea and take in the serenity and peace.