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Our Classes

Gentle Reformer  
Reformer Workout

Beginner to Pilates Level

Our Range Gentle Reformer Class is designed for the beginner to become familiar with the equipment and learn the foundations of  Pilates. With a high level of focus on alignment and posture, these classes are educational targeting clients who are new to reformer Pilates or who want to take it at a slower pace.

* Gentle Reformer class would be suitable for clients recovering from injuries or are pre/post natal  

* Suitable for all age and fitness levels

* Maximum of 4 people per Reformer Class

* 50 minute class

If you’re ready to book your Gentle Reformer Session, book HERE.

Reformer Class
Reformer Workout

Reformer Pilates has taken over as the most popular whole-body workout and also works wonders for the mind. You will flow through a challenging series of exercises, using props with minimal rest periods. Regardless of age or fitness level, start to experience this unique form of exercise that strengthens and tones your entire body yet leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.


* Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pre/post natal

* Maximum of 4 people per Group Reformer Class

* 50 minute class

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The 50 minute Pilatercise class is unique to Range Pilates Studio, combining Reformer, Mat, Strength Training and Cardiovascular Fitness. Clients will be challenged through stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility.  The class will incorporate movements to strengthen and challenge the whole body and mind. Our class targets those clients wanting a high-intensity, full body toning workout that will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and energised. The session would benefit all fitness levels and abilities. 


* Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pre/ post natal

* Maximum of 6 people per Group Pilatercise Class

* 50 minute class

Pre/Post Natal 
Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Reformer Pilates pre/post pregnancy is a great way of ensuring optimal function of your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor requires specific attention during and after pregnancy, so exercises that target your postural muscles, specifically around the lower back and pelvis will help you carry the extra weight of pregnancy and assist with post-partum recovery.

The class is child friendly, allowing you to exercise in the studio with your baby beside you in their pram or capsule.  Please contact the studio if you have older children to determine suitability.


* Consult your Treating Health Practitioner to receive clearance to commence Pre/Post Natal Reformer Pilates  

* Maximum of 4 people per Pre/Post Natal Class

* 50 minute class

Private Class 
Group Reformer Workout

Our private class allows you to work one-on-one to achieve your own personal goals, in your own space. These sessions are great to give you confidence on the reformer, train at your own pace, ideal for existing health concerns, or if you are pre/post natal and not quite ready to head into a group class. 

* Suitable for clients looking for one on one attention with the trainer 

* Subject to healthcare/ private health rebates

* 50 minute class 

If you’re ready to book your Private Class, you can go ahead and do that HERE.